Fall Investiture Title

Multi-Level (brownie/Junior) Harry Potter public Investiture:

All enter singing (tune of Caisson’s Go Marching Along):

We're a Girl Scout troop
We're the greatest troop
That (your town) has ever seen.

We're proud to be
Troop (your number)
And we're glad to see you here.
Come and join the fun
Sit right on down
And we hope you enjoy the show

For we're all Brownies
And Juniors too…(or full of smiles…whatever works for your troop)
Ready and eager to please.

Color Guard (done by Juniors):

Color Guard Attention
Color Guard Advance
Color Guard Halt
Color Guard Present the Colors
Will you all rise and join me in the Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
And to the republic for which it stands
One nation, under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Color guard Post the colors

Color Guard dismissed
Please be seated.

Promise: All

On my honor I will try to serve God and my country,
To help other people at all times
And to live by the Girl Scout Laws.

(Oldest girl lights the three promise candles)

All sing: When 'er You Make A Promise

When'er you make a promise,

Consider well its importance,
And when made,
Engrave it upon your heart.

LAW: Oldest girl lights each candle for each law, a different gril says each law the motto and slogan:

I will do my best to be
honest and fair,
Friendly and helpful,
Considerate and caring,
Courageous and strong, and
Responsible for what I say and do, and
Respect myself and others,
Respect authority,
Use resources wisely,
Make the world a better place, and
Be a sister to every Girl Scout

The Girl Scout Motto is: "Be Prepared!"
The Girl Scout slogan is: "Do a Good turn Daily"

All sing: On My Honor I will Try

On my honor I will try,
there's a duty to be done and I say AYE!
There's a reason here,
and a reason above,
my honor is to try,
and my duty is to love.

People don't need to know my name,
If I've done any harm,
Then I'm to blame.
If I've helped anyone, then I've helped me,
And I've opened up my eyes to see.

On my honor I will try,
there's a duty to be done and I say AYE!
There's a reason here,
and a reason above,
my honor is to try,
and my duty is to love.

I've tucked away a song or two,
When your feeling low,
There's one for you.

If you need a friend,
Then I will come,
And there's plenty more where I come from.

On my honor I will try,
there's a duty to be done and I say AYE!
There's a reason here,
and a reason above,
my honor is to try,
and my duty is to love.

I've made a promise that I will keep,
And I pray daily
For humanity's peace.
We'll only be together a little while,
But when I leave I'll live this song.

On my honor I will try,
there's a duty to be done and I say AYE!
There's a reason here,
and a reason above,
my honor is to try,
and my duty is to love.


Brownie Poem- Oldest Brownie reads

B is the letter that comes before C
B is a buzzing bumble bee.
B stands for Brownie … an elf.
A Girl Scout like myself:
A Brownie Girl Scout dressed in brown,
Wearing a smile, never a frown!
There are many things that a Brownie can be,
The Brownie Try-its help me learn about me…
I can be anything I want to be.
I begin as a Brownie Girl Scout
Learning what it's all about,
By belonging to a group,
By being part of the troop.
And up ahead is another B.
The rainbow bridge where all Brownies fly away,
From our magical Brownie ring,
To become a Junior Girl Scout,
And do even greater things!

All Brownies sing- I have something in My Pocket

I have something in my pocket,
It belongs across my face.
And I keep it very close at hand
In a most convenient place.
I'm sure you couldn't guess it
If you guessed a long, long while,
So I'll take it out and put it on…
It's a great big Brownie smile!

Junior Poem- Oldest Junior reads

G is for the Gracious way we all proclaim our birth
I points up the Ideas shared and those we'd like unearthed
R is for Respect we have for every race and creed
L is for our Loyalty to promises we heed
S is for Sincerity of deed and word and mind
C is for the Countless ways in which these are combined
O is Obligation that we owe to fellow man
U means that it's You who must be first to lend a hand
T is for the Teamwork which has evidenced our growth
I is for Integrity which backs the Girl Scout oath
N is for the Noble way we remember days of old
G is for the Grateful thanks for efforts toward our goal

Juniors sing:

She wears a G for generosity
She wears and I for interest too
She wears and R for real live sportsmanship
She wearls an L for loyalty for loyalty
She wears an S for her sincerity
She wears a C for courtesy, for courtesy
She wears an O_U_T for outdoor life!
That’s the kind of Girl Scout I’m glad to be.
Girl Scout!

Leader: "Harry Potter is a book character who discovers he's really a wizard and goes to a very out of the ordinary school.

Just as Harry Potter is the center character in the Potter series of books,
Lord and Lady Baden Powell and Juliet Low were the central people who started Guiding and Scouting. They too wanted it to be a magical place, where youth could learn out of the ordinary skills.

One of the reasons we are here today is to enroll our newest members. They each are ready to make a magical promise that they will carry with them throughout their whole lives. A promise is sort of like a magic spell. It is something that you believe in. Harry Potter learned you had to truly believe to make things come true. So today we say our promises to show are believe in Guiding and Scouting.

We start with the returning Brownies: (insert girls names) who are going to make a potion.

Join hands and circle (punch bowl in center of room, sitting on a silver tray with glasses all around it with fruit punch in them).
Now say the magic words..."I promise to share and be a friend" and one at a time add your magic to the potion and then go to Wizard Ancient Owl (Co-Leader #2) our co-leader who will give you your investiture patch and your magic wand (plastic stir stick with tinsel on end held with pony bead and super glued then inserted into large straw so that tinsel and bead shows) to be used for the grand finale. (girls carefully empty contents of a glass into bowl as they say the magic words)

Brownies have learned what Girl Scouting is about and the Brownie story. So I as Brown Owl have a crystal ball and special spell for the Brownies. But first we need some atmosphere:"

One returning Brownie steps forward to crystal ball puts on owl mask and says "I am an owl"
One returning Brownie steps forward to crystal ball and puts on a tree mask and says "I am a tree"
One returning Brownie steps forward to crystal ball and puts on a tree mask and says "so am I.
Rest of returning Brownies form horseshoe around crystal ball and all sing together:

Returning Brownies say: "Cross your little fingers, stand upon your toes That's a bit of magic every Brownie knows. Now we all are standing in a forest glade. Listen very carefully, see the magic made"

Leader Brown Owl says to remaining Brownies:

"Who comes to the Brownie woods?"

Brownies-to-be: "We do"

Leader Brown Owl: "What do you want?"

Brownies-to-be: "We want to be Brownie Girl Scouts"

Leader Brown Owl asks, "Who comes first (or next) to my magic crystal ball?"

(girls individually call out their own names and then the proceed with below)

Leader Brown Owl: "Why do you wish to be a Brownie?"

Girl responds

Leader Brown Owl: "Come and gaze into my crystal ball" (rose bowl upended on a silver tray with a mirror under the bowl and a flower wreath around the bowl).

Returning Brownies Turn girls, one by one, Brown Owl says: "Repeat after me."

"Twist me and turn me...repeat
Show me the elf.......repeat
I looked in the crystal ball....repeat
And their saw myself.......repeat"

Brown Owl pins on Brownie Pin (upside down, it can be turned right side up when she does a good turn), gives the girl the Girl Scout handshake and welcomes her to Girl Scouting.

Brown Owl says to each: "Now add your magic to the potion and say the magic words..."Lend a Hand" and off you go to Wizard Ancient Owl (Co-Leader #2)’ to get your investiture patch and magic wand.

After all new Brownies receive their wands and patches, all Brownies say:

Uncross your little fingers, down from off your toes Then the magic goes away, everybody knows

Snowy Owl Co-Leader #1: "Transformation was a course that Harry had to know…we have girls who want to transform into Junior Girl Scouts. They’ve learned about Girl Scouting and have been working on badges. A current Junior (girl’s name) has a poem to read everyone that will explain about the shape of the Scout pin:"

Golden Trefoils
These golden trefoils in my hand
Upon our new Girl Scouts we will bestow;
But first the meaning that the Trefoil bears,
The spirit of our Promise we must know.
Three gold leaves the trefoil wears
Threefold the Promise that it bears,
To serve God and your Country dear,
To bring others hope and cheer,
And every day in every way the Girl Scout Laws learn to obey.
And yet another message, too,
These three gold leaves should bring to you;
These three gold leaves each girl should grow
Three sides of life each Scout should know.
Your body is the temple of your soul;
Oh, Girl Scouts, build it strong and straight and fair,
In God's great out-of-doors your kingdom lies,
Health and happiness await you there.
In knowledge, too, as young eager minds unfold from day to day,
So do you grow with every finished task,
At home, at school and rightful play.
In beauty, too, in this great land,
The Great Spirit made so fair,
Seek long for Beauty, nay ever more,
Make beauty where no Beauty was before.

Snowy White Owl Co-Leader #1 calls forth each new Junior and asks her why she wants to be a Scout. Then pin her (upside down so she has to do a Good Turn) and give her the Girls Scout hand shake. Then returning Juniors spin the girl while singing the following:

(To tune of Father John)

"I’m a Junior, I’m a Junior
Who are you? Who are you?
Can’t you tell by looking?
Can’t you tell by looking?
I’m one too! I’m one too!"

Then each will circle around the magic potion bowl…when all new Juniors are gathered they add the magic to the potion and say their promise together like it is a magic spell.

They then go to Wizard Ancient Owl (Co-Leader #2)’ for their investiture patch, troop crest and magic wands.


Brown Owl Leader: "Divination was another subject that Harry Potter took at school. When Harry started school the sorting hat (wizard hat). was used to tell him what "house" he would belong to. Well today we will see which Patrol you will belong to. You started out as new recruits and have learned the promise and the law. Place the hat on your head and spin around twice and the hat will tell you the name of your patrol and then add your magic to the potion and say the magic words. (Use large stage whisper to say the patrol: Gryfinder Cool Cats, Hufflepuff Angels, Ravenclaw Cougars) "Be Prepared". (my troop elected patrol leaders and names at a meeting before investiture, we just added the traditional Harry Potter groups to their selected names)

Call on the girls who will be Patrol leaders first for the sorting hat, then send them to Wizard Ancient Owl (Co-Leader #2)’ for their patrol leader cords.

All girls gather around the magic potion and say: "Is it ready? Is it

Returning Juniors, stirring and cackling as they add the last glasses to the mixture say" You can't rush, you must not forget the last magic words....."Do a Good turn Daily!"

Then the troop says: "Well is it ready?"

Returning Juniors say: "Of course it's perfect, we have just made the best fruit punch ever...and everyone will always remember their promises that went into this punch."

They then returning Juniors go to Wizard Ancient Owl (Co-Leader #2)’ to get investiture patch and magic wand.

Brown Owl Leader:

"Now we all have a song for you to sing together as Girl Scouts:

all sing: Girl Scouts are High minded"

Brown Owl Leader:

"Brownies have earned Try-Its this year and the continuing ones during the summer, we will now present them., As you name is called please go to Wizard Ancient Owl (Co-Leader #2) & Snowy Owl Co-Leader #1 to receive your Try –It."

(insert your list of try-its/patches and names, have them pre safety pinned to go on vests easily)

Snowy Owl Co-Leader #1: "Juniors too have been busy this summer and since the troop started earning badges., please see Wizard Ancient Owl (Co-Leader #2)’ or Brown Owl Leader when your name is called to receive your badge."

(insert your list of badges/patches and names, have them pre safety pinned to go on vests easily)

Brown Owl Leader:

"Our wize Ancient Owl and Snowy Owl also have earned our thanks and awards, please step forward for your goodies and wands" give some appropriate thank you gift from girl to co-leaders and present them each a wand.

Brown Owl Leader: "Now that everyone has a magic wand, we are going to do one last spell:

Magic Magic everywhere,
Promises we'll always keep.
Lets all give a cheer.

Now hold your hand in front of your mouth and making a circular motion with
your hand and say....SSSSSSSSSSSSS

Then whistle the scale backwards and then blow your magic wand into the air
(the smaller stirrer with the tinsel will blow out of the bigger straw into
the air like fireworks).

Then count to three and say "Boom", "Boom" , "Boom".

Brown Owl leader says: "now since we all need to go forth from here and do a good turn, and since it is close to Halloween, what the troop can do is a very special activity for this area! Here in my magic box I have for each of you a piece of paper that says Boo! And on it is a bag of treats that you get to keep. There is also a poem attached:

The air is cool, the season is fall
Soon boo's will come to all.
The treats that came with this special note,
Are yours to keep. Enjoy them both!
The fun comes when friends like you,
will copy this and make it two.
Then others here among our friends,
will give warm fuzzies that will not end.
We'll all have smiles upon our face.
No one will know who boo'ed whose place.
Just one short day to work your fun.
Or a big zap will strike. So run.
Don't forget a nifty treat,
Like something cute or something sweet.
Please join the fun. Let's really hear it,
And spread some boo's and a kind spirit!!!

So your instructions are:
1. Enjoy your treat.
2. Place your BOO sign on your front door.
3. Now you have 24 hours to copy this twice, make two treats and two Boos. Secretly deliver to two neighbors who have not been boo'ed.
4. Watch how far the spirit spreads by Halloween.

Now let’s all have some magic potion punch! Girl Scouts dismissed!"

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